Looking at the picture of a butterfly, we can easily relate it with beauty and hope. Many people, from artists to common individuals, are deeply fascinated by the delicate creature that gives us inspiration. Today, using our smartphone to get a butterfly image can be easy. And even drawing butterflies is no longer limited to professionals. But it is still a challenge for many people who have never been trained.

If you want to have butterfly line drawings and put them anywhere you like, you’re in luck. In this post, I am going to show you how to get beautiful line drawings from your favorite butterfly pictures.


How to Turn Photo into a Butterfly Line Drawing with aiportraits.online?

Is it easy to turn your photo into a butterfly line drawing? Let’s check out.

Step 1: Upload a butterfly image before you start

Just upload a butterfly image to aiportraits.online. The uploaded image should be smaller than 5MB.

Step 2: Turn photo to a butterfly line drawing

Once the butterfly image is uploaded, aiportraits.online will begin to process the image automatically. Within 30 seconds, you can see the whole colored butterfly picture turned into a black and white line drawing.

Step 3: Save the butterfly line drawing

Click “Download”on aiportraits.online and then save the result to your device.


Turn Photos into Butterfly Line Drawings with AI




Butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings. They give us hope for the future. If you are attracted by this creature and would like to draw them without manual work, then AI can be of great help. With aiportraits.online, you can easily make an amazing butterfly line drawing from your picture. Then you can print out your favorite black and white butterfly line drawings, put them in your album, or make them into butterfly stickers for your cup or home decorations.Also read:Top 10 AI Painting Tools Review.